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RCT3 recreations

Original Mystery Mine

Mystery Mine is a Gerstlauer euro-fighter that still operates to this day but this is the 2007 version. In 2021, the first drop was updated to be less steep and the over-banked curve became a piece of theming rather than part of the coaster itself. It had a maximum height of 85.3 ft, the biggest drop having a maximum plunge of 85 ft, the maximum speed being 43 mph, a length of 1,811 ft (now it's 1,804.5 ft), featured 2 inversions (a step-up roll and a dive-stall loop), featured 2 vertical lift hills (first one being 80 ft and the second one being 83.3 ft), and featured 2 95° drops (now only the second main drop is 95° because the first one is now more shallow than before).