RCT3 recreations

About This Website

Hi, this is an RCT3 recreation website. I've made MUCH more creations but these are the ones that are recreations to parks in real life. Custom scenery is excluded in these downloads so if custom scenery crashes your game, this would be an opportunity to explore these delightful digital versions of these amusement parks that you might have been to. It would be less of a pain in the ass to download these downloads because you would have to get the custom scenery from somewhere and it's a difficult process. Especially if you have RCT3 in Frontier Foundry like I do, it's literally impossible to download custom scenery. I made this website so I can just put the updated link of the sever whenever I want to using html (HyperText Markup Language).

 Six Flags parks
 Cedar Fair parks
 SeaWorld parks
 Miscellaneous parks
Here is a video that you can watch to understand this idea!